Kumkum Bhagya 1st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranbir in relationship

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Kumkum Bhagya 31 August 2023 written Episode update:Ranvir in relationship

Kumkum bhagya 31 august 2023 written update on dailynews10.com

The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Akshay that he used to get angry on Prachi and used to fight with her. That’s why he says that he used to think of her all the time in his mind, he also used to love her a lot. He asks what more do you want to know about Chikchiki. Akshay asks her to tell him that I am listening. Then Vishakha comes there. Akshay says yesterday when I said that this boy loves Prachi, no one believed me. and now

He says today he has confessed to me that he loved her, she was always in his mind, he loved her so much he even got angry at her then Ranbir says yes, I am accepting it. Am. Vishakha says that your father and aunt have same relation, and says that he also says the same to her. She says that Jija and Saali’s relationship is like this and says that he loves her more than his wife. Ranbir says he has no saali jija relation with her, and says she is wife. Vishakha says that sister-in-law is half-gharwali. Ranbir says koi gharwali nahi hota hai yeh sab phaltu ki baatein hai. Visakha asks him to meet Pallavi as she is worried for him. Ranbir goes. Akshay asks Vishakha what did she do? Vishakha says you are not understanding, what to tell when? She asks him to calm down. Prachi asks the servant to bring some things. Pallavi comes there and asks Prachi to do her work which is more important to her than her life. Prachi asks what? Pallavi says Ranbir is more dear to me than my life. She asks him to promise that he will walk away from her life and never come back. Just then Manpreet comes there. Prachi tells Pallavi that Ranbir is more dear to you than life itself, so promise him, I told you what I feel then Shahana comes there. Prachi asks Sahna to leave. She asks Pallavi not to worry and says that she does not want to return to the house she has left. Manpreet hears this and asks if everything is fine. Pallavi says yes. Manpreet says it seems like nothing is right between you two and asks what happened? Ranbir says everything is fine, and says let the past remain in the past. Pallavi asks him to return home.

Akshay says aunty what did you do? Then Vishakha asks that if Ranbir has confessed to loving Prachi, then you must have done drama. She says you have to apologize tomorrow, Ranbir doesn’t have to. She says a small fire can burn everything. I am also seeing what you are seeing, but if we question Ranbir, then what will happen if Prachi also joins it, Prachi will refuse to go with you, you have hardly got this chance, don’t waste it. . She asks him not to give up. Then Akshay says that till here it is filled with water, I don’t know why Ranbir is staying here, we think that he wants him to marry Mihika and leave from here. Vishakha says he will leave after marriage. Akshay says let us get them married today, because he can no longer keep her in his house. Shahana listens to Akshay and Vishakha. Vishakha tells Shahana that she will not like it if Ranbir stays at home as son-in-law, then Pallavi asks Ranbir that would you like to stay at home as son-in-law? Manpreet asks is there anything you are hiding from me. Ranbir doesn’t say anything. Then Mihika asks why are you serious? Prachi says Pallavi aunty wanted her to go home. Ranbir says I thought I should go and asks him to answer. Prachi asks him to leave. She says maybe Pallavi is angry with something and asks if you are angry with her. Ranbir says Prachi has a lot of problems with me and that is why she wants me to leave. Prachi says you should listen to your mother. Then Ranbir asks do you think I will listen to you? Prachi says I don’t think so. Then Shahana comes there and asks if she can take Prachi for some time. Ranbir and Manpreet then Prachi goes with him. Ranbir gets a call then he leaves. Mihika thinks how can I stop Ranbir, I have to propose to Ranbir. What should I do to stop him, and thinks to ask Prachi to stop him. Shahana tells Prachi that they want to get Ranbir and Mihika married so she leaves from here. Prachi says that Ranbir has to take Mihika to his house. Shahana informs Prachi about Vishakha and Akshay’s conspiracy. Just then Mihika comes there and takes Prachi with her. She says I have important work which I can give you and she says don’t judge me, but please talk to Pallavi Maa and ask her not to take Ranbir with her and let him stay here so that Let us get to know each other better. She says I want him to stay here tonight, because I want to talk to him about something. Prachi says first tell me what you want to say to me. Mihika says actually I want to tell her that…Shahana comes there to talk to Prachi. The servant comes there and says Pandit ji has come. Prachi leaves Shahana and Mihika there. Manpreet asks Pandit ji to solve her daughter’s life problems. Prachi comes there and asks Manpreet to take medicine, says she will bring puja material. Ranbir comes there and blocks her way. Pandit ji looks at him. Prachi goes. Pandit ji says it seems like something is going on between your daughter and her future husband. Manpreet says she doesn’t know. Mihika comes and stands with Ranbir. They all come and sit for puja. Ranbir, Prachi and Mihika are sitting next to each other. Pandit ji considers Prachi and Ranbir as a couple and asks Prachi to offer her hand. Prachi extended her hand. Pandit ji ties molly on Prachi’s hand and then he asks Ranbir to put his hand forward and ties molly on her hand as well. He chants mantras and says your pair will last forever. Akshay gets shocked. Prachi and Ranbir look at each other. Pallavi asks what are you saying Pandit ji, the pair is of my son Ranbir and Mihika. Pandit ji thinks my god is saying that he has made them both pair. He apologizes to Pallavi. Prachi gets up from her place. Mihika sits at her place. Pandit ji asks her to move her hand and ties her molly. Akshay sees the detective coming there, goes inside the room and asks him to come to his room. The detective tells her that he has got all the information about Ranbir and asks her to check in the envelope. Akshay sees Prachi and Ranbir’s wedding pictures and is shocked. She recalls that Ranbir had asked Prachi not to go shopping with him. He says sixth sense can’t be wrong as he has got his answers, that Ranbir has evil eye on my wife, he can’t bear that Prachi has moved on. He says that Rhea may be his second wife, but it is certain that Ranbir was first married to Prachi. He says now I understand that Ranbir is not interested in Mihika but wants to marry her, as he wants to be close to Prachi, wants to see her and want to have her. He says now I will play with you, earlier you were playing with me as you know everything and now I will play as I know everything now.

next episode cooming soon….

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